Many people have heard about the health benefits of vaping but are still skeptical about how dangerous it is. In addition to being harmful, nicotine and e-cigarettes contain caffeine. However, it’s important to know that these two substances do not have any connection with each other. That said, both can lead to addiction. Let’s break down some of the myths about vaping. Read on to find out why this product can be dangerous for you.

Myth# 1

Another myth about vaping is that it can cause popcorn lung. It is a rare but deadly condition that is caused by e-cigarette use. The condition, known as popcorn lung, results from severe damage to the bronchioles. Research conducted found that diacetyl, a chemical used in microwave popcorn production, can cause the condition. Although this is a rare occurrence, the risks are high.

Myth# 2

Another myth about vaping is that it can be a gateway to smoking. There are also risks associated with nicotine addiction. Compared to cigarettes, nicotine vaping can help smokers quit. It’s the only alternative that doesn’t require tobacco or nicotine. Moreover, most users of vaping continue to smoke. So, while vaping is a safer alternative, the use of tobacco or e-cigarettes in children is increasing rapidly.

Myth# 3

One myth about vaping is that it’s safer than smoking. E-cigarettes don’t contain any nicotine, and no studies prove that vaping can cause lung damage. The use of nicotine is also dangerous for youth, according to research. A recent study showed that a young person using vape could be twice as likely as a smoker who smokes. Therefore, there is no evidence that the use of e-cigarettes is harmful to young people. Some common myths about vaping will help you make a wise decision.

Despite its popularity, there are concerns about the health consequences of vaping. As a relatively new product, there is no way for the FDA to determine if vaping is safe. Because of this, the FDA isn’t regulating the products, making them unknown to the public. And since the products are not regulated, there is no way to know what the contents are. Unlike tobacco, e-cigarette cartridges do not contain water.

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